OneNote: me@onenote impressive

maus_checkYou save it for me!
As a frequent OneNote user i like all my notes stored in my OneNote. When i read this article about me@onenote i thought that this might just be the one option i was looking for. But before i can judge about that i need to try it out first. I am not easily convinced. So bring it on.

First things first. I am using my windows phone to read articles about what interests me. So when browsing through the Zite app i ran into this article about OneNote on Android. This is an article i would like to write about on my blog so if i could just save this to my OneNote.

Send it to me@onenote
At least that’s what they told me. So i went to activate my email account here and then from the Zite app hit share from the article i wanted to store in my OneNote. And you’ve guessed it. Just moments later i was hit with the following email:

me_at_onenoteCheck my OneNote
Now all i had to do is check my OneNote to see where they had stored my info. And i have to say i am impressed to find the reference to the article neatly placed in my Personal section (that is the web notebook). So knowing this i just might be OneNote’s worst nightmare on collecting stuff this way! Thank you OneNote team for providing this possibility.


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