Blogging from OneNote

As the title of this blogpost states this post is written entirely in OneNote. Usually i write all my blogposts straight in the WordPress blog editor. Simple because i can see a preview of how the post will look in the end. A little tuning here, a little tuning there and you hit publish. I know that there is an option to send your notes from OneNote right to your blog. So that’s what i wanted to do. This blogpost is about how to send your OneNote article from OneNote to your blog.

How does OneNote do that?

That’s the question i am asking myself while i am writing this article. Just to make it clear. I am writing this article on my regulare laptop with Office 2010 and Office 2013 installed on it. Right now i am using OneNote 2013 to write this. I have to admit that i am cheating a little. I know that OneNote pushes the page to Microsoft Word and from there on it will be published to your host provider. During the first test i noticed some flaws in the layout of the page. That is to say i can’t put my finger where this goes wrong. Let me explain. When writing your article you do tend to add an additional carriage return to go on and write the next paragraph. For Word it seems that you should not do that. When you hit send to blogpost, Word will show you all additional characters that were added. So in short do not add additional carriage returns for readability because that will give to much paragraph spacing in WordPress (at least for me).

Ok now for the steps to send this article from OneNote to my blog on WordPress

When done writing go to File and choose Send on the Send menu choose Send to Blog

This will start up Microsoft Word and show you an additional ribbon (blog post). From the ribbon you have various options to choose from. Because i still want to determine when i want to publish my articles i choose Publish as Draft from the Publish button.

When publishing you will be asked to set up your account credentials from your hosting provider. So i’ll show you the various dialogs that will pass before your post wil actually be published. Remember my blog is hosted by WordPress. The first dialog is simple. Click Register Now

The next dialog will ask you your blog provider. In my case this is WordPress. That’s easy it is listed in the combobox.

The blogpost url is actually the blog site. Enter your credentials and click OK.

If your posts contains pictures you have to provide the option where your pictures will be uploaded. In this case it will add the pictures straight to the media folder from my blogprovider WordPress.

When done you will be notified.

Now all we have to do is publish this article and see how it looks on my blog.

Final thoughts

Well blogging from OneNote this way is certainly easy. I must admit that writing with the additional paragraph spacing as i am used to makes it look a bit odd. But if that’s what it takes to make it readable on my blog i will adapt to it.

2 thoughts on “Blogging from OneNote

  1. McAkins

    Yes you can indeed blog via OneNote and MS Word, but like you yourself said, there are formatting caveats, and it is not really via OneNote as you might as well do the text entry in Word itself.
    Secondly, this solution requires that you have MS word on your device, which makes this solution impossible for people without Office on their device, and it doesn’t work with modern (metro) apps.

    I have blogged a simpler way to blog purely from OneNote Metro, a solution that works on any Windows 8+ device. Please find at:
    I welcome your reaction on my tweeter stream: @McAkins


  2. Maurice Post author

    You are absolutely right! However i use my surface pro as well for blogging from OneNote. As you stated you do need Word. I am glad you shared that link with me. Gives other readers the opportunity to look into great alternatives. For me… Surface Pro I with OneNote and Word. Just because it can 🙂 Thanks for your reply!



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