OneNote On Android – First steps


Trying something different

For me this has been a while since i have touched my Samsung Tablet with android on it. Every now and then you have those buys which after a while you think did i need this? Well that goes for me on this Samsung tablet. Nothing wrong with the tablet but the Android environment isn’t really my cup of tea. But what great use it can have for testing OneNote on this device right. So this tablet comes equiped with a pen which you can use to write on your tablet. A nice option to test out here.
But first i have to start it up and probably install a gazillion updates since i haven’t used it for a while 🙂

OneNote old style
So i have started up my Android tablet and went straight to the already installed OneNote app. When i bought the tablet the first thing i downloaded was OneNote. You can imagine my surprise when i saw the limited possibilities compared to my regular OneNote. So when i fired up OneNote it was exactly the way when i left it. Hmmm nothing changed. That’s strange this was updated right?


Update? maybe…
While i was looking at this OneNote screen i saw my tablet still updating lots of apps. Wait a minute i still have skydrive? Let’s update that straight away to OneDrive. Meanwhile i am waiting and asking my daughter if she uses OneNote on her iPod. She does. Great i might need it soon to see if i can write a post on that as well. You know i am a microsoft enthousiast so i don’t have any apple gear in contrast to my children who do.

Ready set. Here’s the new OneNote for Android.
Ok let’s start up OneNote again. Yeah that looks promising. A nice intro screen telling me the possibilities of the new OneNote.

Wow i am impressed by what i see!
Yes this is what i wanted to see. This reminded me instantly of the version you see on SharePoint. I know this. Now all i have to do is get used to the minimalistic menu option and figure out how to use it. But more importantly is synced every onenote book i have on my OneDrive. Great now i can get back to work.

I have to say this tablet just might be back on track again.

Note to myself!
After being impressed for a while i came to the final thought. I must not forget that this is an app and not the full version of OneNote. That makes it interesting. So i will use this tablet for a while to take my notes and figure out what the pros and cons are.

OneNote on Android… your thoughts so far. Are you excited as well or have a different perspective on this?



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