OneNote: OneExperiment – OneDrive

cloud_onedriveOne Application – Many Devices
Hmm this sounds like a database term 1-M. OneNote is evolving rapidly. When i started using OneNote there was one version which shipped with the Microsoft Office suite. You could share your notes on skydrive and network locations. During those days OneNote users were alone. Sure there were enthousiasts but the application was not widely accepted. When i told people i used OneNote to take my notes they looked at me as if i was some kind of geek with my special tool. That day i knew i had a mission. I would become one of the evangelists of OneNote. The world needed to know about OneNote!

Evolving to something big!
The last couple of years OneNote earned its stripes and went on to become an essential part of the Office suite. As a matter of fact it went beyond that. The application became a stand alone app as well. Why can this application evolve so well to what it is now? Collaboration seems to be one of the key words for acceptance. Also the fact that you can use your notes across the different devices is a key feature. So meanwhile i have been spreading the word and many people i have taught are using OneNote as their primary note taking application.

Experiment – Going MultiPlatform
Collaboration, devices the two keywords to become a succes for an application. I gave myself a challenge. You have different devices, you collaborate and you love OneNote. I decided to write down my experiences using OneNote in many ways. Here is what i will do for the upcoming next months. I will use OneNote for this specific blog to write my posts. I will also post some articles via my Windows Phone using OneNote. The OneNote book will reside on my OneDrive from wich i am also able to write articles. So actually i will be writing about my experinces using OneNote from various locations using various devices. Let’s call it the ‘OneNote Reality Road Show’ 🙂


Devices i will be using during my experiment

  • Regulare Laptop
  • Microsoft Surface Pro I
  • Regular Desktop
  • Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet (for using Android)
  • iPod – if my daugther allows me to us it
  • iPhone – i do not own an iPhone but i know a OneNote enthousiast who does. Hope she will help me out.
  • iPad – if i can borrow one from one of my friends
  • LG G2 phone – if my son allows me to use it (for using Android)

So fasten your seatbelts! I am on my way blogging and bragging about OneNote on every device possible and telling you about what i bump into. Care to join me on my journey?


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