OneNote on iPad: First impressions

ipadminiSo this is the first blogpost written on my iPad mini. Why is this so special, well i am a Microsoft enthousiast so working on an Apple tablet doesn’t come easy yet for me. As many people struggle with the new windows environment I have to get used to the OX environment. I can’t believe I can not use my stylus from my Surface Pro here. That would be so much more convenient. I have to admit I tried 🙂 also tried the stylus from my Android tablet. No avail either. So here we go, my adventure on OneNote on the iPad Mini so far. Remember I am new in this environment here… Downloaded the app from the store. Great! Ready to go…

iPad On ready to go start OneNote:




Yes i am ready to capture my ideas, access my notes from everywhere and work together 🙂
Next steps: triple sign in!  I knew this was coming and i already have a microsoft account.




Almost done: last steps before i can get productive…


Taadaa… Let’s write a blogpost on my iPadMini
First thing I do is change the orientation of the tablet to landscape otherwise I don’t have enough space. Works like a charm. During my typing I see the pages task bar which actually takes up some really needed space. So let’s get rid of that. In the upper right corner I see two arrows. That has to be the indicator to work full screen. Let’s give that a try. Yep that does the trick, now I have the space I need to write my blogpost.

Next challenge
I have to say so far I am impressed. Typing like a rocket on this little keyboard works well. Maybe setting the sound to muted when you work in a surrounding where other people are present would be a tip. For now it’s a nice indicator for me and doesn’t annoy me. What I do know is that I am writing this blogpost in the wrong notebook. So is it possible to move this section to the correct notebook as is possible in the full version of OneNote? Going through the various options to see what possibilities I can find to answer my question.

Just a shot in the dark.
Tap the section name and holding it for a couple of seconds. Hmmm nothing. But the tab is changing slightly so what can I do… Ah I see I can rearrange the tabs this way. We’ll that’s great to know. Trying something else. Tap a page and holding it for a few seconds. Nothing. Hmmm what’s that edit button offering me. Click edit and this is what I see.
iPadMini_XIiPadMini_XIIThere are radiobuttons in front of every page in the pages taskbar. I select the page i am working on. Wow I think I get it. Click the radio button in front of it and then click the little section at I see at the top of the task pane. Yes the pop up is offering me an option to do something I want. Move this page.


I see the list of notebooks and i click the notebook i am looking for.


Ok now click the desired notebook. Click the desired section and…. Boooom it’s there where I want it. Applause here.

Typing on the iPad mini is very intuitive and gets me great feedback. It corrects my spelling while I am typing. So what’s keeping me from typing my next blogpost on the iPad mini. Nothing yet but I can’t just dump my first love – my surface pro for an iPad! Correct and I won’t. But it’s good to know that I can now use all my devices to talk and write about OneNote on any device I want. OneNote offers me that flexibility.

Next steps to investigate… Pictures. How do I add pictures to my OneNote on the iPad mini. All pictures you see in this post were taken as a screen shot on the iPad mini and edited in

To summarize:
I just wanted One thing here. Get this device to use OneNote. Downloaded OneNote from the store and installed it. Piece of cake, went very smooth. Now open all my notebooks I have stored on my OneDrive. No issues here either. I see them all. Getting to know OneNote on the iPad. Learning and have to say I am impressed about the ease of use so far 🙂

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