OneNote: A Section Group For Every Department

groupsectionsWell here’s a simple and effective tip i  gave someone a couple of days ago. The question was how can we use a One Notebook with different departments. We don’t want a single book for every department. In that case you can create One Notebook and create section groups.

When you right click a section tab you will see the option to add a section group. If you do so you will see a different icon next to the tabs you are familiar with. It shows a couple of tabs stacked on each other. Name the sectiongroup as you’d like them to be named. In the screenshot below you see an example of that:


As you can see this notebook has four departments based on the section groups. Now to be on the safe side you can protect the sections inside the created section groups. It is not possible to add protection on the group section level. So first you click on the group section and after that you decide which section(s) in that specific section group should be protected.

Sometimes life can be easy 🙂


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