OneNote Holiday Gift For You!

gift-for-holidaysOneNote Gift for You
Well it’s the Holiday season and the time to share gifts right? I’ve added a gift to this post for you.
This gift is a OneNote package with sections dedicated to OneNote, Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. To start of i added various pages to the OneNote section (of course). The other sections will follow. Take a sneak preview at the Access section.

Final Product
If you visit the site from time to time you will see content being added to the various Office applications. The final product will be a notebook filled with OneNote, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook tips and tricks.

Where to get it
I’ve added a file to this post (bottom of post) but you have to rename the document (wordpress doesn’t support .onepkg files!). Take the following steps to take full advantage of the Notebook:

  • Save the file to you pc
  • Rename the file by changing the extension from .doc to .onepkg
  • You will see the icon change from Microsoft Word to OneNote
  • Open OneNote
  • Choose File-Open
  • Go to the directory that contains the .onepkg file
  • In the filetype combobox choose the appropriate file extension (see pic. below)Package




  • Click OK and you will see the next dialog pop-uppackage_II









  • Change the name to a name of your liking, pick a color of your liking
  • Browse to a folder where you would like the OneNote file to be unpacked (maybe the default Notebooks folder would be a good one!)
  • Click create and watch!

Yep there it is: Happy Holidays and don’t forget to keep coming back it will be regularly updated! I will post here on this blog but i will also update via Twitter when new content is available!


File (link) below:

OneForAll or get it here if you are not allowed to change file extensions on your pc. This is my OneDrive public folder. Here you will find the .onepkg files which you do not have to rename!

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