OneNote: Let Your Voice Be Heard

UserVoice_IIISpeak Up: Tell us what you want
Creating software is a very big challenge. You can take One thing for granted. You will never please everyone! However… would it not be nice to have the ability to collaborate with the developer team to tell them your thoughts, wishes, comments and so on. And that they would actually listen and do something with your feedback. Not only in a beta stage but also afterwards like in a on going process? To good te be true? No the OneNote team are doing just that! I think i should spread the word once more to emphasize the possibility to let your voice be heard. In this post i will show you how to do this and participate with the greatest team ever. The OneNote Dev. Team

Where do i go to post my wish, feedback?
Well that’s the simple part. You go to: and start exploring what you see. This would be the opening page you are looking at.


You see various options to choose from. Wow this is seriously big, look how many languages to choose from. Yep OneNote has fans World Wide.

The scenario
Let’s say we want to add a wish to make OneNote even better. I am a huge fan of using tables in OneNote. What i miss however is the possibility to format the tables like i want. I am looking for something like table styles in Microsoft Word. That would really make me happy. Ok so from the uservoice site i am looking at i would click on the “OneNote Users” link (click the language appropriate to your situation) – OneNote Guys we want Dutch here as well 🙂

The next screen will appear. Tak a minute to browse and see what is already there! UserVoice_I
The moment this screenshot was taken the Password Potection idea was at the top of the list. This idea already has 51 votes! Now let’s take the next step because i don’t want to add an idea about protection but making my tables look nice.

Rules of Conduct
If you have ever visited a ‘forum’ you know that there are some rules to follow when adding your thoughts. Let me point out some of them here for you:

  • If your language is not in the list,  you have to write you wish or feedback in English. Use translators from the web, ask a friend to help you or just make the most out of it. Plenty of resources out there. Don’t write your wish in your own language! (other than English of course). The OneNote team doesn’t have the time to go translating every wish and question. Don’t be scared to make a mistake or two in translating your question. They get the picture.
  • Make it clear. Describe as much as possible, pinpoint to the essence of your feedback. So if you want to add table functionality add something like “Would like more table formatting options” and elaborate on that.
  • Keep it neutral. Don’t go shouting about OneNote not having that feature and therefore it doesn’t meet your needs. That’s what this page is for!
  • Don’t start adding your question immediately! First look around if somebody else has the same wish. With such a great community chances are that you will only have to vote instead of adding your wish.

Table formatting
My wish is to add more table formatting options. So the first step i am taking is to look if someone else has added this wish already. I do so by entering a search term in the dialog on the right side of the website (see image…)

UserVoice_IVI enter the word table in the search box and look! I think i am not the only one looking for this functionality 🙂 So that means that i do not have to add my wish, question to the list because it is already out there. As i mentioned following the rules of conduct you don’t add that question because it is already there. Before i click on that specific link i take a look at the other wishes and feedback that have been added with regards to tables. Maybe we are awaiting some more great functionality that might become available to us one day. The last one seems a bit odd. I looked into that one and it was added october 2014. No comments and no votes. Any idea why that may be? Now you know why it is better to first look for what is out there before posting something that will never get noticed anyway.

Explore the found result for formatting
I click on the link that i think just might be close to my wish. Here is what i see popping up:

Yes, this is exactly what i am looking for! Brian had this wish as well and decided to post his wish here. And as you can see he is not the only one who wants this. This wish already has 181 votes. Even better i see that the team is taking this very seriously because this post is under review. How cool is that. Omeed Chandra actually is looking into this for us, yes a OneNote Program Manager! Just to make sure i want this i am going to click on this Vote button as well.

Have a look at the counter on the website to see what i clicked on 🙂

You are not alone and they do listen
As you can see you are not alone. The great thing is that this Dev. team is actually taking user feedback seriously. Sure not every bolt and nut gets implemented but they are respecting your input. All you have to do is make sure you get a lot of votes on your contribution.

Three Votes for The OneNote Team!


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