#OneNote: Indent At The Right Level

LevelingCreating numbered lists in OneNote is a blast. With one simple click you have a nice looking list. If you want to structure your notes by adding a numbered list, for example a table of contents, you might have to do some tuning afterwards. Good thing is that you can change the format of the various indentations in two simple steps. Handy when you have a long table of contents. Let me show you the steps to change the formatting at the different levels. You start of with some text you want to be in the list. In my example I want to create a table of contents for my Microsoft Access pages. Remember this is not the only way to create a table of contents, but we are talking about the level indentation here. So any remarks about the table of contents you might have, you are right ūüôā

Make the appropriate selection
We start of by making the selection. We do so by clicking on the container that contains the text we want to be listed. Then select the numbered list button in the ribbon. Choose the numbered list you like best. You see that I have selected the container in the background.

Next let’s add some indentation
To make the indentation I select the next set of text I want indented by some inches and press the Tab-key.
Toc_Levl_IVI repeat those steps for every section in my table of contents. So I know have the basic layout for my table of contents (see background of the image above). Now here’s the hard part. Many users out there will select the various sentences and apply some formatting to that sentence. Here is where the ‘Level’ option can proof great value to you. What you need to do is place¬†the mouse cursor¬†before the first indent. In the¬†image you see the a. and I placed the cursor in front of the text but after the a.¬†Now right click¬†on the mouse and a menu will appear.¬†We need the ‘Select’ option here and choose level¬†2 or 3.¬†Trick question: what will be level 1?

If you click the various levels you will see that OneNote selects all the text placed at that level. All you have to do now is apply the formatting you are after and it will be applied to all text at that level.


and now for some formatting

Now let’s finish the task for all levels

Amazing right? with just a couple of clicks you formatted the whole table of contents at the various levels. Remember it is not about the table of contents. You can select the various levels with any (numbered or bulleted) list you make. It’s just one of those things that gives your notes just that extra touch ūüôā

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