#OneNote : Add A Page? Just Keep Typing!

Page_I[[ Subject in Brackets ]]
One of the great features of OneNote I like most is adding pages by just typing the contents between brackets. This means that when I am typing I don’t need the mouse and I can just keep typing. Never thought that such simple functionality can have such great impact on the work process. Let me show you what I am talking about. I am lucky enough to attend the upcoming Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago. This will be held from may 4th to may 8th. A perfect chance to create yet another OneNote book and fill it with everything that prepping for a conference is about.

Just start typing
I created a new Notebook and just started typing. Everything that came to mind. Now here’s the trick. During my typing I am thinking about pages I would like to add to this notebook. Every subject that is worth making a page about I will typ between brackets like this [[ ]]. When you typ a space after the last bracket OneNote will automatically underline your subject and create a page for that subject. See picture below:


You see that the last option is not underlined yet. That’s because I did not typ the last bracket. As soon as I do it will add the page. So while I was typing this page I created the following pages

Page_IIIThis can also be done in Tasks
Not only can you do this in regular text but you can also add this to tasks. Have a look at the first image. You see that I added three tasks and made pages for them as well.

When will the dotted line disappear?
As soon as you start typing content on the specific added page the link will become regularly underlined and is no longer a dotted line.

What if a mistake is made?
If you made a typo or don’t want to add a page about what you added then delete that specific page and typ a newer version in your text.

Now where did I see that functionality before? Right… WIKI!!

Now let me tell you once you get used to this you will see that adding pages to a SharePoint Wiki page is just as easy. When you have your Notebooks stored on a SharePoint site you will never use the mouse again to add pages just typ the [[  ]] !

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