#OneNote : Sync In Trouble

The Synchronization Era…
We live in this era where synchronization has become a daily part of our lives. When you use office you have to sign in, when you use OneDrive you have to sign in, all for the purpose of staying synchronised. Most of the times this doesn’t cause an issue, but if you are experiencing synchronization issues a new kind of stress takes over. You start asking questions to you computer… like “I am not connected to the Internet? I am connected to the Internet!!. Why doesn’t this work?”


OneNote is no exception and from time to time users can experience a sync issue while being connected to the internet. One might encounter the message:
We are unable to connect right now.  Please check your network and try again later.
I have seen a lot of people encountering this message and the following tip might just solve the issue for you if you encounter this issue. Be aware though this is just one of the solutions that could solve the issue, it is not the solution to all your synchronization problems!

Take the following steps when you encounter the above message: (PC – steps)

  • Open Control Panel


  • easiest thing to do here is choose large or small icons from the combo box in the upper right corner. That gives you a better view of what we are looking for. When done you should see something like this:


We are looking for the Credential Manager. So find that option and click it. You should see the following dialog appear:

ControlPanel_IIINow here’s where you really should focus. OneNote credentials are stored in the Windows Credentials section. So click on that option (the one on the right). When clicked you will probably see a list of credentials you are using throughout the various applications. For clarity I removed all entries in the image but the one we need. Personal info has been blurred for obvious reasons. Now look for the Microsoft Office entry that says _Data:

Remove the entry
How to remove the entry? If you have the credential manager open you see that entries have a little arrow beside the title. You can expand that by clicking once on it. You will see something like this:


Now choose the obvious here: Remove.

When done close the control panel and start OneNote again. You will be prompted to supply your credentials again and chances are that you won’t have any synchronization troubles anymore!

Solutions? Remember that you are in the era that needs credentials all the time. Everything needs to be synchronised and you will encounter some sync troubles from time to time. The problems are not always the same. You could have some wi-fi problems, there might be some maintenance going on somewhere, you might have multiple credentials for Office. It’s not always the same source that causes the trouble. I guess it’s the dark side of cloud based computing. They have cookies!


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