OneNote: Printout On Single Page – Check!

PrintToOneNote_ISo printing is out! We save a lot of paper by not printing everything we need to read. A great option in Microsoft Office applications is the choice to print directly to OneNote. Want to save something but don’t want to print it? Choose Print to OneNote. Now all we have to do is tell our OneNote users how they can print their documents to One page instead of multiple pages in OneNote. Because that’s one of the reasons a lot of people don’t use this option. Let me explain how you can change that and take advantage of the Print to OneNote feature.

A long document creates lots of pages in OneNote, I don’t want that
I could not agree more. Suppose you have a Word document of about 18 pages long. Now let’s print that to OneNote and see what happens. As always you can follow the steps (find your own document and join me).

  • Open your document and choose File – Print
  • Change your printer to “Send to OneNote 2013” as shown in the picture above. If you have OneNote 2010 installed choose “Send to OneNote 2010”. Side by Side installation? Take your pick.

Look at the status bar in Microsoft Word… it is actually printing your document!
PrintToOneNote_IIYou will see a pop up from OneNote appear asking you where the printout should be placed.


I choose the section and page which I want to use and click OK.
TIP: if you print to OneNote on a regular base create a separate section and set this as the default section to print all your printouts to. You can do so by checking the check box in this pop up window.

Now wait for it…..


And it worked! we have the document printed in our OneNote section! But wait, my document has been broken down into several pages in OneNote 😦 That’s not what I want.

PrintToOneNote_VMy Word document contains 18 pages of text. OneNote will print 18 pages to OneNote and create a OneNote page for every page in Word. Imagine how many pages you would get with a serious report? So our task is to change the settings in OneNote in a way that my Printout will be on one OneNote page and on that page I would like to see separate pages from my Word document. Luckily for us this can be changed fairly easy.

If you want you can delete all the pages in your OneNote section and we start over. We are going to change the setting in OneNote that will create exactly what we are looking for. Go to File and choose Options. In the dialog that pops up choose Advanced on the left side. Now on the right side look for the option that states “Insert long printouts on multiple pages“. Uncheck the check box.


Click OK. Just to be sure that this will take effect close OneNote and go back to your document in Microsoft Word. Choose Print and once more choose Print to OneNote. In OneNote choose the section you want to print it to and have a look….

PrintToOneNote_VIIWell there you go! Your document printed to OneNote and printed on 1 OneNote page. Just the way you wanted it.

I know OneNote would not let me down on this One. That’s a +1 for the OneNote team.

4 thoughts on “OneNote: Printout On Single Page – Check!

  1. sarah

    Thank you, I have went a whole semester having to have 20 plus one note pages for power points print outs. This will save my sanity!!!


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