OneNote Sessions @MS_Ignite

OneNoteAtIginite_IYes I am one of the lucky people who gets to visit the Microsoft Ignite Conference in Chicago this year. Besides all the fun stuff you can attend I’ve selected 79 sessions in my Session Calendar. Now the hard part of that is that I will not be able to attend all those 79 sessions. I have to make a selection. For OneNote that is not hard. There are a couple of sessions on thursday which look promising. I will attend those definitely.

Here’s what scheduled:

1. Developer Updates To Creating Custom Microsoft Office Experiences Everywhere
This is what’s called a theater session presented by Jeremy Chapman and Chris Johnson.
Get an overview of updates to creating custom Office experiences everywhere. We show you what’s new to help you get to Apps including how the App Launcher can be extended for third-party apps and to increase discoverability of your own apps. We also we show you how you can extend the reach of your mail apps with which has over 400 million users, extending Office with Excel on iPad and apps. Connecting to Office 365 services is also easier too with Office Graph, Delve API, which allows you to push information into and out of Delve, taking advantage of OneNote APIs, Calendaring, and the latest SDKs for cross platform development with the dev platform that you are building on.

2. Developing With Microsoft OneNote In The Cloud With Office 365 APIs
This 300 session is a little more technical but I am ready to be Ignited by Gareth Jones
This session dives deep into the available scenarios when using the OneNote service in the Microsoft Office 365 APIs.

3. OneNote for OneLife: From Notes To Productivity And Platform
Another great session by Ari Schorr and Michael Attala
Microsoft OneNote gives you one place for your notes and other content with you, anywhere now that OneNote is across all platforms and devices. Write by hand, type, record, snap a picture, clip from the web, or use a growing number of other partner apps and devices and OneNote saves it. Organized or not, you can easily find your notes in any form (text, writing, picture, or audio) with OneNote search. This session demonstrates end-user productivity scenarios at work to give you a clear understanding of how OneNote can help drive adoption of Office 365 with cross-platform, real-time collaboration, and extensibility with OneNote API. You’ll walk away wanting to use, evangelize, and build on OneNote personally or for your organization.

And finally One for the Educator in me 🙂

4. Microsoft OneNote In Education: A Framework For Teaching And Learning
Presented by Ari Schorr and Mike Tholfsen (after all those tweets I finally get to meet Mike!)
OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook Creator allows teachers and students to efficiently organize and collaborate within a powerful digital notebook for curriculum, projects, and assignments. Students can use OneNote notebooks as a flexible canvas that fits their learning style, encourages 21st century note-taking habits, and has been proven to inspire retention of knowledge with digital handwriting support. Teachers can see these notebooks for each student and easily provide real-time feedback in this paperless environment virtually anytime, anywhere, and on almost any device. This session demonstrates how to deploy use OneNote in the classroom across lab, BYOD, and 1:1 settings.

Can’t attend? No Worries Channel 9 has got you covered
channel9Let me tell you, if I wanted I could have filled up a week with related OneNote content but there is so much more to choose from. Luckily for us every session is being recorded and can be viewed on Channel 9. So even if you can’t join us in Chicago you can still view all sessions! Go to and join me virtually. If you happen to be in the same session as I am ping me! I am the guy wearing the jeans and carrying a conference bag 🙂 Just kidding. Just scream ‘Maus’ and I will respond!


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