Cortana And OneNote Integration

MS_BANDWe have all noticed that OneNote is getting the attention it deserves. Microsoft has made it a dedicated application which means it will be a focus point for various areas. So last year the OneNote team set the target to education and boy did they hit a bullseye! Just about everyone who has something to do with education uses OneNote now. And I applaud it (but then again they did not have to convince me 🙂 )

I joined ‘the band’
So last month I decided to join the band. Did I need this, nope. Did I want it, yes and so I went ahead and bought one. After playing around with it for a while I noticed that my favorite app also could be used by talking to the band. You can take quick notes that will be added as a recording to your OneNote notebook.

Let’s see how it works
First you have to activate Cortana from the band. Keep the action button pressed and she will be listening.


I tell her to take a note…

MS_BAND_VIAfter a few seconds Cortana will ask you what your note is…

MS_BAND_IXDictate the short note you had in mind…
Now wait for it…

MS_BAND_VCortana will save your note….

MS_BAND_VIIAnd she will tell you she got it!

MS_BAND_XYour notes will be saved in your Personal Web notebook. It will be a recording of what you dictated. That way you will be able to work on the notes you have been dictating all day. Wow just another great addition to my OneNote memorabilia.

MS_BAND_XIAnd that’s how easy it is to dictate notes from your Microsoft Band straight into OneNote. If you ever had an excuse not to use OneNote you are running out of excuses very shortly 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cortana And OneNote Integration

  1. Arnold

    Ai, ai no more excuses about forgetting something. Blocked access to your blog on my wife’s tablet. Very dangerous information this is…


  2. Fabio “Fabione” Grossi

    really?, well, once it will recognize at least a word over two, maybe… (it might works in english, but talking about other languages it’s miles away from Google speech recognition). Moreover Cortana seems not to recognize mixed languages (if you own Italian version of windows, it will not recognize any English words), while google can.
    Sorry, but at them moment that’s just a waste of system resources.



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