OneNote Clipper: Clip The Web Straight Into OneNote

OneNote_Clip_IThis addition for OneNote has been around for a while. It is as simple as it is effective and should be up there on your favorites bar in IE. It is free (as is OneNote) and gives you the option to ‘clip’ the web! Let’s see how this works and start clipping the web from articles to complete webpages without ads!

Add it to your Favorites Bar
First thing we have to do is find the Clip functionality. That’s the easy part you can find it here: On this page you will find some instructions how to install this. This seems a little strange because actually you are not installing it but adding a button to your favorites bar in IE. So we have to get it. See that big button that states Get it Now?
Click on that and you will be presented with instructions how to install it. Ok ready to follow the instructions:


It says that I should open my Favorites Bar. You only have to do this if your favorites bar is not showing otherwise don’t worry about it. Next step right-click on that ‘Clip to OneNote‘ button and choose add to favorites. Wow that went smoothly. Of course we want to see it in action. Let’s clip something just for the fun of it.

All other apps
On this pages I see various apps that are available that can collaborate with OneNote. Very interesting. I want to read this later and like to have this page clipped to my OneNote. So here goes nothing:

Ready, Steady… Clip!
I click on the icon in the favorites bar that states ‘Clip to OneNote’. A dialog appears asking me to sign in. You have to sign in first because your clipping will be saved in your OneNote notebook and to do so it needs your credentials. So with that done the next dialog appears on the upper right hand of Internet Explorer:

Let’s see what it is asking / telling me… Ok we have the option to clip the full-page or just the article. I want the full-page so that’s just fine. Secondly it will store this page in my OneNote Personal (web) notebook which is also great. That’s where I keep all my notes I gather from the web, mail magazines etc. So nothing else to do than to click on Clip!

Just a sec…
As Cortana would say, just a sec and to be sure you do it will tell you via a dialog.

OneNote_Clip_VAnd to top it of you will be notified when it is ready to be viewed in your OneNote notebook.
Well what can I say. I think this is another great piece of functionality to tighten the integration with OneNote.

Clipping articles
In the steps I describe I clipped a full-page. This page will be presented as a picture in OneNote. The next step will be clipping an article. The samples described on the OneNote page are based on recipes. Not my cup of tea so I won’t be doing that here as an example. But if you like recipes I’d say give it a go! The advantage of clipping an article is that it will ‘crop’ out any advertisements it finds so it will give you a clean look into your article. Before it does it will show you a preview.

OneNote_Clip_IIThis is another jewel for OneNote. What strikes me the most is the neatness how this functionality is set up. Want something to clip? It will ask you how to clip it for you and where to store it. It will show you progress and tell you when it is done. It will provide you the option to view the clipping straight away in your notebook. Clipping articles? It will show you a preview before it does the actual clipping. Don’t like it cross it (x). As everyone likes a compliment from time to time I regularly press the feedback option. I tell the developers what I think of their work even if it is all positive. So challenge yourself, clip something and send feedback to the team. They do appreciate it.



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