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The Ausum OneNote Blog!

I know i spelled that wrong. Well actually i did not. My last name is Ausum and that sounds pretty good in English 🙂 Now for the serious note. There is tons of information about OneNote out there on the web. I have been using OneNote since Office 2003 and kept on going all these years. One might say i am a true fan 🙂 For my work I used to do consulting on Microsoft Office products, teach courses on MS products and enjoy myself on consulting on SQL Server. In my new job I am more of an end user guy who just knows an incredible amount of trick in Office. So from time to time I write down these tips for you to enjoy as well. This blog however will be focussed entirely on OneNote. Visit my other blog as well, you can find a lot of tips and tricks on various Office products: The Office Corner


My name is Maurice Ausum but most people i know call me Maus just a nickname I have. It has nothing to do with mice (you know the living creatures) but it is merely an abbreviation of the first letter of my first name and the first three of my last name. So when I needed a tag for the virtual world it became themausman. And since everyone seems to think it has to do with mice I decided to take the naughty avatar of that little mouse trying to nick some cheese 🙂

I worked for JSR  for 17,5 years. This year I decided to make a career switch and became a database marketer for the NLO (dutch lottery) in the Netherlands. This doesn’t stop me from learning myself or learn other people effective ways to use their tools they work with. But scripting SQL guys… how cool is that if you get to do that every day?  I love SQL Server and my new job gives me the opportunity to do just that. You don’t here me complaining 🙂


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