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OneForAll Notebook

This page is dedicated to the OneForAll onenote book I wrote about during the holidays. I wrote about updates that would be added to the OneNote book and this is the page where you can find the revisions. Look for the version you’d like best and download it. In the next paragraphs I will write how to update your own notebook with the additional pages or if you decided to get a whole new fresh version how to unpack this to your pc. This page will be cross posted between my two blog “the office corner” and “the onenote corner”. Because the notebook contains tips for all office applications I think the other blog site visitors can benefit from this too.





Added “Excel” content.



Added “Access” content.



Initial version


How to unpack your download… (read update note @ bottom of the page!)
I’ve added file(s) to this revision table of this page. You have to rename the document (wordpress doesn’t support .onepkg files!). Take the following steps to take full advantage of the Notebook: if you don’t want to save the old OneNote book you can delete that. If you do want to save your old notebook see the final remark at the end of the page.

  • Save the file to you pc
  • Rename the file by changing the extension from .doc to .onepkg
  • You will see the icon change from Microsoft Word to OneNote
  • Open OneNote
  • Choose File-Open
  • Go to the directory that contains the .onepkg file
  • In the filetype combobox choose the appropriate file extension (see pic. below)Package
  • Click OK and you will see the next dialog pop-uppackage_II










  • Change the name to a name of your liking, pick a color of your liking
  • Browse to a folder where you would like the OneNote file to be unpacked (maybe the default Notebooks folder would be a good one!)
  • Click create and watch!

What if I have notes on my previous version I’d like to keep?
In that case follow the steps above but make sure you give your book a different name. Then copy the pages (sections) that are new to your own book. You do so by right clicking the section or page and choose move or copy from the menu. Choose your previous version and choose copy. The newly added pages are copied to your previously created notebook.

Clean up afterwards!
With updates coming available from time to time it might be good to clean up the notebooks your created with this download. So go to the directory where you saved the earlier versions. That’s where you can delete the ‘old’ versions. If you’d like to keep the old version you don’t have to do anything!

Update: if you don’t have the possibility to change your file extensions you can also download the files here which is a direct link to my OneDrive. There you will find the OneNote files with the original file extensions.


6 thoughts on “Download ONC

  1. Andrew

    Maurice, please please please keep adding to this. I have never thought of having a onenote book like this and its awesome. I would love to see you continue to add more and more tweaks and tips and how-to’s to each section. I mean, once the rest of the Office apps are complete, you should really go back and more and more tips and stuff to each app… over time, you would have one heck of an interactive and awesome book… instead of a typical eBook. And I would gladly pay a sweet price for a full featured app/book like this. 🙂 Fantastic…



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