OneNote Certification

maus_cheerGet Certified in the application you love most!
As a true OneNote fan you want to get certified in OneNote right? Seen the nice logo on the right you will receive when you pass this exam? Ofcourse that’s not the only gadget you get. You will get a genuine certificate from Microsoft as well stating you are a Microsoft Office Specialist in OneNote!

XBOX avatar t-shirt
When you pass your exam you become a Microsoft Certified Professional. Then when you do a search for Certified Professional in the XBOX – store you will find the t-shirt that comes with your title. FREE! I got the white one and the black one 🙂

How to get certified…

So enough talk about all the freebees you get when you get certified. First you have to get you certified. Follow the steps to a successful certification:

  • Be serious… do you want to get certified? There will be costs involved!
  • Know your stuff. Of course you know your stuff as a OneNote fan! But just to be sure what you need to know to get certified it might be a good idea to check out the Microsoft Learning site. Here you will find all the information for MOS certification.
  • Now check the OneNote section on this site. You are looking for exam 77-421. Read the prereqs. It’s best to check out the skills measured section. This is the section where you can find a summary of subjects you might expect on your exam!


  • Once you have checked the skills measured and think you are up for it you can schedule an exam with certiport. The exams are provided by this manufacturer on behalf of Microsoft. Check out their website at
  • Find a testing center near you and take the exam. I you live in The Netherlands you can also schedule your exam at the company i work for. Check it here…
  • Once you have taken the exam you will instantly know if you passed the exam. The exam center will hand out a draft of your examscore and a certification will be send to the address you registered with at Certiport.
  • Important: to take the exam you have to register at Certiport first. This is something you can do prior to taking the exam. All you need is a username and password. So think ahead and make sure you are registered before you take the exam! No, there are no costs for registering at certiport. Tell them i said hi 🙂
  • Costs? That may vary from country to country but the listprice at certiport is $100


So what are you waiting for. Ready, study, GO!



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